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Vac Digital is an ongoing belief that started years back. Three people. Untold experiences. Infinite potential. Over numerous decades the company’s founders established themselves individually in the ICT sector, contributing to technical development, connecting business environments and creating platforms for growth.

Fiercely passionate about compelling collaboration, enriched by deep, lasting relationships and bolstered with unique, hard-won insights, they have combined to create a company that truly exceeds the sum of its parts.

Vac Digital is the next chapter in a rich, authentic story, inspired by the journey thus far, and focused on a future free of communication barriers.

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World class, effective, reliable, customised solutions to help your company make faster, more informed decisions


First class solutions to increase your workplace communications and enhance the employee experience.

Our offering makes your meetings and communications more effective. Quality and customisation are at the heart of everything we do. We know all types of communication technology solutions can be costly investments, so we understand how important it is to find a platform or solution that works for your business!

Here at Vac Digital we provide custom-fit solutions that will help to create frictionless workplace experiences that will help to unlock the potential in your workforce, reduce costs, increase productivity and to essentially improve your bottom-line figures.

Let us evaluate your current solutions and share feedback on how your business could improve.

Vac Digital provides end-to-end solutions that involve:

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Does your organisation gather employee feedback on the collaboration effectiveness?


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How would you rate your organisations digital skills?


Does your organisation offer user training?


How would you rate the effectiveness of the above user training?


Would you say that the employees in the organisation were forced to use the collaboration tools?


How many collaboration tools does your organisation use?


Is your organisation measuring the effectiveness of collaboration?

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Vac Digital

Our mission is to provide clients with solutions to improve decision making through collaboration resulting in improved ROI

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