Vac Digital believes effective communication is more than talking and listening. It is about understanding, engaging and inspiring. It is a collaborative connection that sparks an action be it landing a message, closing a deal, gaining approval, all of which results in more productive business.

With the above in mind, Vac Digital has engineered a set of services to not only consult and plan with you, implement and deliver your solution but also managed services to ensure accessibility and availability. These solutions are critical to all levels from executives and senior management to sales and client services requiring connection across multiple time zones sometimes 24 X 7.

Consulting Services

Here at Vac Digital, we have the experience of helping and advising business time and time again. We know what works for businesses and what doesn’t. Our advisory services offered by Vac Consult will help to guide you through an effective step-by-step process of really understanding what business challenges you face, to identify and solve these challenges through tried and tested solutions and assessing the impact of these solutions on your business.

Support Services

Having a reliable support team on hand to be able to resolve issues is crucial for your business to always perform at its best. Our support services will enable your organisation to keep delivering effective communications without any ongoing issues and to continually drive value from your technology solutions. Our support is tailored to your organisation to be able to offer you the service requirements you need such as high availability, quick response rate, minimal disruption or risks, security assessments and data protection and to deliver effective solutions that are trustworthy.

Project Management and Implementation

When implementing unified communication solutions and a range of communication tools company-wide, things just have to go right! Luckily this is a well-trodden path for us, and we’ve successfully implemented many projects to provide solutions for audio-visual, video conferencing platforms, instant messaging platforms and presenting software to organisations. Whilst working with our expert partners, we will ensure that everything is joined up and operating successfully. If you’re looking for a reliable and dependable service to be able to help your business, then Vac Digital should be your go-to provider!

Monitoring, Management and Reporting

It’s imperative to know and understand how your communication or collaboration tools are performing. Our team will analyse the impact of the solutions and improvements to actively measure the difference it has made. We will strive to provide a service to help you meet your business goals and report regularly on the performance of your communication tools. We will also monitor the implementation and improvements to see if there are any further optimisations that can be made to further increase the quality of the business outcomes.